Happy Friday!

There have been many ideas racing through my mind as to what to publish next but other things have taken priority for my personal and professional growth and I haven’t had time to just sit down and unravel all of my thoughts in an organized fashion on a blank screen. I am amused how some people online seem to do it all like work a full time job but also manage their content creator account and of course, we have the supermen / women in our society like Elon Musk and mothers.

I’m going of tangent.

Life Update: I’m finishing my second week of full time self teaching code. I am well aware that this field is very competitive but I am excited to learn and challenge myself each day. I had an epiphany on my morning walk today that although it is challenging, I love the fact that I’m just writing all day…writing in different programming languages but writing nonetheless. I love that this field is so community oriented and I have already met amazing individuals from Berlin, London and Los Angeles who share the same drive and passion as I have.

I’m so lucky to have the support from my partner, my family and friends new and old. Will write something more coherent soon about many topics that have been ruminating in my mind.

Los Angeles based storyteller through data and words